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Matt and Benjamin Arnold-Ladensack, owners of Clydesdale Outpost

Our Story

At Clydesdale Outpost, our passion for breeding world-class Clydesdale horses burns brightly. It all began in Fernwald, Germany, a small town with a rich history steeped in equine heritage. There, Benjamin Arnold and his father Karl embarked on a journey to cultivate a humble operation that would later become known as Far Forest Ranch.

In 1995, the Arnolds acquired their first horses, Princess, Dylan, and Royal, all Shire horses. However, it wasn't until a fateful visit to the American National Clydesdale Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2009 that their hobby truly transformed into a pursuit of excellence. Benjamin purchased two fillies, Impression and Belle, and a stallion, Thunder, from Texas and Ontario, Canada, respectively, and brought them back to Fernwald to begin developing award-winning bloodlines.

As the years passed, Benjamin's love of horses led him to meet Matt Ladensack, and in 2013, Ben decided to immigrate to America and build their dream farm in Washington State. Together, they renovated a century-old homestead, constructed a new barn, and cabins on their Amboy, WA property.

In 2015, they officially launched their breeding operation in the USA and began showing their horses in North America. Building upon the original bloodlines imported from the USA and Canada, the Far Forest Clydesdale breeding operation has continued to flourish.

After several successful years, Benjamin and Matt sold their 8-acre ranch in 2021 and moved to Whitefish, Montana, where they are now building a larger Clydesdale Outpost. With new family members foaled and a fresh start in a beautiful new location, they are eager to share their horses and their passion with the world at Clydesdale Outpost | Whitefish.

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