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Horse Activities



Howdy Clydesdale Outpost Guests! If you are interested in a horse activity while enjoying the property please contact us to book your experience at Clydesdale Outpost: or (406) 200-8249.

HORSEBACK RIDING $89.00/person

Take a walking ride through our open fields, prairie and along the Stillwater River on the back of one of the tallest breeds. An amazing opportunity to connect with our humongous gentle giants, see additional wildlife and have the rare opportunity to ride a Clydesdale horse with fantastic views and numerous photographic moments. Please note: the ride itself runs for around 30-45 minutes, the remaining time is prepping and learning about the Clydesdale horse and riding in general.

Please note: Safety of you and our horses is top priority. We have a max weight of 250 pounds for riding. If at any moment our Wranglers feel the ride in unsafe we reserve the right to cancel the ride to protect you and our horses.

VIP EXPERIENCE $1,500.00/group of 12


**"Per Person price" is for entire group of up to 12 people.** You and up to 12 of your friends/family are invited to an exclusive VIP barn party with our Clydesdale horses. First step into the barn where you will learn about our horse care routines while you enjoy a mouthwatering Graze charcuterie board and refreshments. Next, 3 back-to-back, 20 minute carriage rides will take you around the property (4 people per ride), while the rest of the party mingles and partakes in up-close-and-personal Clydesdale experiences, plenty of selfie taking opportunities and special one-on-one time with our herd. Finish the party with an epic crew photo and memories that will last a lifetime. Perfect for any fun social event.

BARN TOURS $14.00/person

Get your boots on and tour our barn with our Wranglers. Learn the history of our Outpost and meet our gentle giants up close and personal. Wonderful selfie taking opportunities and a chance to get inside the barn gates for Clydesdale snuggles.

Length: 45 minutes.


**Group rate includes up to 4 people in our intimate sleigh or carriage** Hop onto our 4-person carriage or sleigh and take a trip around the 92 acre Clydesdale Outpost with 4,500 linear feet of the Stillwater River and beautiful rolling hills. A perfect way to disconnect and take a step back into time with our beautiful Clydesdales leading the way.


You bring yourselves and your photographer and we provide the space, horses + wranglers. This is your chance to get close up and personal with our Clydesdales in your very own photoshoot. Perfect for families, couples and those just wanting epic photos with Clydesdales on our 92 acre property.


$299 per session for the entire group or couple. Times are flexible please contact us at to adjust time that works for you.

KID'S BIRTHDAY PARTY $375.00/group

Break out the birthday cake and ice cream and celebrate your birthday with Clydesdale horses and carriage rides. An amazing time for the entire family. Our wranglers will teach you about horse care and take you and your family on carriage rides around the property. Price is for entire group of up to 20 people total, including parents. 2 hour time limit for all parties. Contact us to schedule a particular time you'd like.

Please note: Rates and activities displayed may vary seasonally. Deposit is for full amount due upfront to reserve your space and time and are non-refundable for all horse activities.

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