It all started in 1995 in Fernwald, Germany. When Benjamin Arnold and his father Karl Arnold bought their first horses: Princess, Dylan and Royal… all Shire horses.

Princess and Sandor (foal) at Far Forest Germany
Princess and Scarlet Running in the Fields

In 2009 Benjamin visited the American National Clydesdale Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Soon after he purchased two Clydesdale (Impression and Belle) phillies from Texas and one Clydesdale Stallion Thunder from Ontario, Canada and flew them to Fernwald.

Moorefield Hue in Fernwald Germany

Their hobby had transformed into importing horses from America and developing award-winning bloodlines, and Karl's favorite, driving their carriage through town.

Karl and Benjamin Arnold at Far Forest Germany

Video of the barn in Fernwald, Germany:

Benjamin Arnold met Matthew Ladensack in 2013 and decided to immigrate to America when they were married. Together they began to build their dream of owning their own farm and continuing Far Forest’s traditions in Washington State.

Benjamin and Matthew Arnold-Ladensack with Isabelle of Far Forest Ranch

At Far Forest Ranch their passion is breeding world-class Clydesdale Horses. Their breeding began in Fernwald, Germany (Fernwald means Far Forest in German).

Rain at Wisconsin State Fair 2017

In 2015 Benjamin and Matthew Arnold-Ladensack launched their breeding in the USA and began a showing career in North America. The Far Forest Clydesdale breeding operation is based on some of the original horse bloodlines that were imported from the USA/Canada to Germany and now back to the USA.

Isabelle and Rain enjoing their new barn at Far Forest Ranch
Far Forest Clydesdale Ranch

In 2021 Benjamin and Matthew sold their 8-acre ranch in Amboy, Washington and moved to Whitefish, Montana in efforts to build out a larger Clydesdale Outpost.

They also foaled two new family members, Marga out of Rain and Joan, Isabelle's first foal.

The two foals are best girl friends now and love playing together.